Wood waste, agricultural waste like straw,poultry litter and other types of biomass represent renewable source of green energy. Biomass is pyrolised, and then pyrolysis gas is used for direct electricity production.

Wood pyrolysis as source of green energy

Fresh or waste wood is pyrolysed using conventional scheme: pyrolysis gas oxidation - heat recovery steam generator- turbine

Char is used to produce more electricity.

Parameters of bio-oil from direct pyrolysis of wood are unstable and quality is yet to be improved.

Wood pyrolysis and biochar production

Biochar produced during wood pyrolysis is a valuable product to be used as
  • Valuable additive for soil improvement and animal feed
  • Fuel brickets for domestic use
  • Component used in metallurgical industry
Poultry litter pyrolysis

Poultry litter is produced in huge amounts exceeding its potential use as fertiliser.

Moisture content in dried poultry liiter is in the range 10-30%, while calorofic value 10-16 MJ/kg. Ash content is 10-25%. Average electicity generation is 0.6 kWh per ton of the waste.
wood pyrolysis plant

Waste wood pyrolysis facility 100 tpd for green electricity generation


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