Plastics pyrolysis: materal and energy recycling

Plastics pyrolysis and oil recovery

Plastics are high calorific feedstock. Energy recycling could be done in form of either oil recovery or direct electicity generation. Pyrolysis treatment of laminated plastics like Tetrapak will recover aluminium.

Pyrolysis of plastics can be used to dispose the waste and to recover synthetic fuel. Pyrolysis oil recovered from the process can be used as diesel generator fuel or fuel for burners. After pyrolysis in the rotary kiln the pyrolysis gases are cooled down. Quality of the recovered oil can improved either by distillation or catalytic treatment of the pyrolysis gas prior to condensation.

Plastics pyrolysis and electricity generation

Pyrolysis of plastics can also perfromed through oxidation of the pyrolysis gas, recuperation of its energy in Heat Recovery Steam Generator and further elctricity generation by steam turbine.

Pyrolysis of Electronic Waste

E-waste is not biodegradable and represents a global problem of modern time. Electronic appliances bodies are made of different plastics and therefore represent a good raw material for the pyrolysis. Disposal of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is a separate issue. Electronic boards is a mixture of organic resins, fiberglass, and ceramics. Boards also contain valuable metals.

During the pyrolysis the volatile portion of the board materials will be thermally decomposed, solids (including noble metals and fiberglass) will be recycled. Direct electricity generation is an efficient way to treat e-waste. Bromine flame retardants are widely used in the printed circuit boards. Consequently e-waste treatment pyrolysis facility will have extended gas cleaning capabilities.

plastic pyrolysis plant

Plastics pyrolysis facility 60 tpd


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