Pyrolysis technology Business opportunities

pyrolysis rotary kiln

Pyrolysis technology: excellent global market drivers for the sustainable development

Main target customers groups

  • - recycling facilities operators
    - Industrial and agricultural enterprises generating own waste
    - Local authorities, responsible for disposal of MSW and sewage sludge
  • Pyrolysis technology: attractive opportunities for investors and project developers

    • - Efficient waste treatment with added value: material and energy recycling, initial waste volume reduction with environmentally safe by-product (ASH)
      - recycling and NEW Materials production: activated carbon, bio-char and speciality chemicals
      - Economic viability of industrial pyrolysis facilities
    • pyrolysis activated carbon plant

      potential dangers for investors and project developers

      GREAT EXPECTATIONS AND insufficient knowledge of the pyrolysis

      Pyrolysis waste-to-energy is a very hot subject nowadays and without practical experience in pyrolysis (whether it indeed could be done) it is easy to be confused by attractive looking-forward statements such as "innovated pyrolysis technology", "quality synthetic diesel from waste", etc. There is a potential danger to invest money into a pyrolysis plant which in spite of the great expectations will not work due to deficiencies in that pyrolysis technology realisation. Such failures and sometimes pure fakes may create negative image of the pyrolysis technology.

      Pyrolysis technology realization on a laboratory or pilot-plant scale is one issue, while the practical realization of pyrolysis at the level of plant operations it is quite different thing. There is a big leap between a pilot pyrolysis plant and a continuously operating large-scale commercial pyrolysis plant.

      Solution is here!

      we offer excellent business and investment opportunities in implementation of the commercially proven pyrolysis technology

      WHAT DISTINGUISHES US FROM OTHERS serving as further guarantee for customers:

      • - Efficient industrial pyrolysis technology developed "in-house"
        - Long-term experience in practical realization of industrial pyrolysis units
        - Multiple reference pyrolysis units in different countries
        - Broad network of the quality equipment components sub-suppliers and other subcontractors

      OUR BUSINESS PROCESS is direct and thorough

      pyrolysis kickoff meeting with customers Start

      From kick-off meeting with the customer

      pyrolysis waste-to-energy plant Finish

      to the pyrolysis plant practical realization



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