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Dozens pyrolysis plants were designed and supplied to customers in USA, Germany, China, Japan, Spain, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Philippines and other countries

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Pyrolysis - Eco technology for material and energy recovery

Who we are

Professional Team

Splainex Ecosystems Ltd was set-up in 2008 on the basis of company Splainex, organized in 1994 in Dutch Flevoland province. Company specialists have long professional experience in process design, engineering, control and optimisation, project management and quality control.

We design, fabricate and turn-key supply high quality equipment for pyrolysis plants performing recycling of materials and energy. Our scope of work is the pyrolysis equipment. Project team composition depends on a particular feedstock and the project goals. Equipment such as boiler, turbine-generator set, gas cleaning, condensation and distillation, which is required for the turn-key plant delivery of a particular configuration, will be supplied by our European partners - experts in their areas.

What we do

pyrolysis equipment DESIGN AND SUPPLY

Engineering, design and fabrication of the industrial large-scale pyrolysis units for waste-to-energy, material recycling and specialty materials production.

Pyrolysis project development

Consultancy services on practical implementation of pyrolysis projects, project planning, feasibility studies, process simulation and optimisation.

Why do business with us

Key to success

Efficient in-house pyrolysis technology in combination with skilled engineering and management team

Product in demand

Combination of a specialized eco-friendly product with a broad number of application areas

Experience and reliability

Years of experience in industrial pyrolysis and broad network of the sub-suppliers of quality equipment components


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