Average European citizen generates annually more than 500 kg of domestic waste. With an increase in population and urbanization, the amount of the generated worldwide MSW is increased, causing negative impacts on health and the environment, including pollutions to air and water.

Similar to other wastes the operational performance of the pyrolysis MSW processing plant depends on composition of the feedstock to the plant and its moisture content. Average MSW content varies from region to region, since there is the difference in climate eating patterns, and the initial sorting of waste.

Unsorted MSW is a source of sustainable energy. Typically for 100 tons daily capacity pyrolysis plant treating MSW with a calorific value of 8-9 MJ/kg and moisture 30-40% the pyrolysis process generates ~2-2,5 MWh of electricity; pyrolysis char treatment at the facility brings additional energy supplied to the grid. Additionally, heat in the form of generated steam can be supplied to external customers.

The MSW pyrolysis plant accepts
  • Fresh raw garbage as collected from households and commercial facilities
  • Sorted high calorific waste from MBT facilities
  • Aged MSW from landfills (cleaning up open dumps)
Industrial waste like plastics, rubber, wooden waste, packagi, medical waste, etc. can be added to the MSW processing stream of the pyrolysis plant.

Preliminary MSW sorting is not an essential requirement for the pyrolysis process, though such pre-sorting by eliminating glass, stones etc., improves general performance of the MSW pyrolysis plant.

Each particular design of the MSW pyrolysis plant can be adjusted in accordance with the design specifications to optimize the power and heat, supplied to the outside customers, e.g. ratio between generated electricity and steam to be for used for household heating. The key performance data of the built pyrolysis facilities with typical MSW composition with 35-45% moisture content, demonstrate that the pyrolysis technology is an effective replacement for mid-size conventional waste-to-energy incineration plants (100 -1000 tpd).

MSW pyrolysis plant

MSW pyrolysis facility: control room


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